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Does God celebrate our accomplishments too?

This is a full journal. For the past six years, I’ve recorded church sermons that “hit home,” written prayers when I felt so scattered I couldn’t pray the words in my head, and taped Mother’s Day cards from my boys. I’ve reread it more often than I’ve written it in, to simply be reminded of all the things that resonated with me, to see how God answers prayers, to be reminded of His presence when life feels full of distractions.

And just a couple weeks ago? It was full. No more blank pages. No more room.


Hello?! I’m an achiever!

Then I realized: this is a perfect blend between my to-do list personality (fill the journal, get your writing in!) and God’s request of me to be in relationship with him. Holy crap. I found a “good” accomplishment in my relationship with God.

But I feel like accomplishments are not always well appreciated in the believing community. Unless it’s a mission trip – then “PRAISE JESUS for what you’ve done for the kingdom!”

You completed a Bible study book? That’s nice. How have you grown? How can you grow more? What’s next?

God answered your prayer? Great. What’s the next prayer you can focus on?

Are we ever allowed to just appreciate our accomplishment? Can we ever take a break from “the next thing?”

I’ve often felt church teaching pressing on me a negative association with God and production. Shoot – that’s what this whole blog is about! While service is an act of doing and is encouraged for all followers of Christ, there’s a polar opposite reminder to slow down and focus while reading the Word, praying, and growing in community with others.

The only next logical step was to see what God’s Word says about getting something done.

“But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.” 2 Chronicles 15:7


P.S. I’m totally taking this verse out of context. It’s totally not about finding purpose through accomplishment. Isn’t it interesting how we pluck one scripture out of a larger story and make it work to justify our current circumstance? It reminds me of this one…

“May he give you the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” Psalm 20:4 …umm…can we talk about twisting that verse up pretty darn quick? Better remember Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Because only when your heart is in alignment with God do you get what both you and God want. I hope God feels excited about my accomplishment of a full journal detailing my growing relationship with me. I like to think we’re “on the same page” (oh, yeah, you saw what I did there) in delighting in that together.

And I could not be more excited about my new journal (clean, fresh pages, amiright, Type A-ers?). 

Wanted: Women who wanna do this friendship thing FOR REAL

I recently had some alone time while on a walk. I typically love this alone time, but I was only about about two minutes in when suddenly…I was yearning for a companion with some real conversation.

Y’all. This is like a big stinkin’ deal. I’m not joking when I say I crave solo walks that give my brain and me a chance to get on the same wavelength. But I’ve actually been praying (miracle! I still haven’t given given up yet), and I’ve been fiercely praying for a few friends, and a few situations where I could develop some deeper friendships. And then I realized: Oh My God (seriously. God.) He is changing my heart. I’m desiring these intentional relationships. I want people to come over for dinner (ok, not all the time, but still). Normally, I’m an an introvert. And I’m not going to stop being an introvert (I need my alone time; it recharges me). But God is responding to my prayers and changing my heart for relationship with others.

I’ve especially been praying about fellow women. One young woman I could more intentionally mentor. Another woman new in her faith journey. A group of women who would want to grow in Bible study together. A sister-in-law and sister. Neighbors. And of course my bestie, who just gave birth again two weeks ago (Jesus, give that baby long stretches of sleep at night). I’m praying big things for these women’s lives. And I’m praying big things for my friendships with these women. And…I’m getting a teeny bit impatient, y’all.

“If you wanna make God laugh, tell him your plans.” Well, here it is, God.

I’ve been intentionally looking for ways to build up my fellow women warriors. A note of encouragement to someone I haven’t talked to in years. A simple compliment – not related to physical appearance. Extra time in conversation to really hear her. And I’m craving more.
I’m looking for women who want to take their prayers to the next level. Women who laugh at the “I Mom So Hard” duo. Women who want to grow in Bible study together (like once every 2-3 weeks, y’all. I’m not that crazy. Remember? In-tro-vert.). A woman who doesn’t say she’s “fine” when, let’s be honest, we are NOT fine. (Emotions. Ugh.) Women who encourage me and push me in my relationship with Jesus, and want me to do the same for them. Women who want to do more than just talk about Jesus, like go on a walk or do a Yoga with Adriene video in the basement. Women who talk crap about their husbands driving them bananas, then bragging on what incredible men they are, just two short minutes later (it’s normal and healthy).

I wanna get some intentional friendships FOR REAL. Our lives are too full of superficial to not say yes.