Beginning 2018 with my Best 2017

I’m usually not a huge journal person when it comes to my faith journey. But whenever I run across something that really makes me think about God in a new way, or when I feel completely scattered and can’t even process where to begin with God, I have a journal that I’ll wipe the dust off of and start processing. I’ve taken some time over the past week to review what made an impact on me in 2017. And rather than end the year with these reflections, I’ve decided to begin the year – because clearly there is something about looking to the promise of a the future that makes us feel a whole lot better about the coming unknown.

Here’s what I processed in early June 2017 (and a photo from that same time). It’s important to note that I spent significant time reading and watching news of the Trump administration during this time. I could tell it was impacting my mental well-being, and I knew I had to get grounded in something else.  I was looking online for a women’s-focused Bible reading plan. I landed on “Perfect Peace Bible Reading Plan.” I began with reading Psalm 29:1-11. I simply read and reflected…

This psalm focuses on God’s great power. I love how it continually uses the greatest analogies of weather – something totally out of our control, still not entirely predictable, and something with great power – by describing: over the waters, thunder, and strikes of lightning.

This passage describes God’s power with His voice. His voice does all these great things – like control the weather, shake the desert, twist the oaks and strip the forests bare. This passage is focused on God proving He is Lord over all the earth. He is our forever King. He’s got it all under control.

Lord, thank you for this passage and the reminder that in these horrifying days of ungodly political leadership, I can be assured that this life is insignificant compared to eternity with You. It doesn’t mean I’m not engaged in participating in godly activities on earth, but I can take a break from that anxiety. I’ve got to learn to be better about walking away from social media and the constant news cycle. I have to cultivate my relationship with God by choosing calming, reflective time with Him.

Check back in tomorrow for another reflection as we start 2018 with an encouraging God-focused beginning.

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