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Is there ever an appropriate way for an adult to tell other adults it’s their birthday?

When the hubs celebrated his birthday this past year, he shared with me about a new co-worker asking him, “Why didn’t you tell me it was your birthday?”

Bubble thought: Um, well, because that’s really weird.

My sister also celebrated her birthday – consequently on the second day of training at a brand new job. And no one knew it was her birthday. But, like…how do you appropriately bring that up?

Kids will let know straight up when their birthday is – whether it is 7 days or 7 months from now. Birthdays are all fun and games (literally) when you’re 6. And some still really live it up at age 27 (and 43 and…well, maybe you’re that person – totally cool. No judgment), but I feel like after age 30, it’s…just…well, there’s a dinner and dessert. But most are pretty content being low-key. And I think I know why.

Me, center, celebrating a birthday in college…I think…

Because we’re tired.

Honestly, when J asks what I want for my birthday, I tell him: quiet, alone time.

Ok, maybe that’s just the introverts?

I’m not trying to be all scrooge-y, but seriously: I kinda want to take a really long shower, read a book, have meals delivered to me (no cooking!), and take a nap.

So when people know it’s my birthday, we have that whole: “Oh! Fun! What’re you doing?” Thankfully, my answer is not: fighting a dinner crowd at The Olive Garden while we try to convince the three year old to stop dropping spaghetti on the floor. And no alone time.

On the contrary, I like a simple dinner at home.

Each birthday I get to, I’m grateful for gathering a bit more wisdom that year and simply having time with my family. We all slow down a bit on the big day (no other obligations allowed!) and get to enjoy time together.

Oh, and by the way, my birthday is at the end of this month. I like chocolate, wine, and gummy bears.


And THAT’S how you appropriately tell other adults it’s your birthday.