Someone Sedate Me!

(I found this post in my “drafts” from early 2016. I didn’t realize I hadn’t published it, and it gives such a picture of Owen’s development at the time that I couldn’t change it. This post is nice to reminisce on today.)

In typical Martha fashion, I found myself cleaning out old Facebook quotes I posted while in college. I found one from a favorite show that my roommates and I watched religiously on Thursday nights. Seriously, we locked our quad/suite door and hollered at anyone who bothered us. Don’t mess with Grey’s Anatomy night. One particular episode had intern Christina Yang yelling, “Someone sedate me!” Apparently for some reason, it resonated with me. Probably all the stress from classes, etc…

But now this quote caused me to consider the question: What am I choosing to “sedate” myself from? What all are we choosing to dull, and consequently miss in our everyday lives?

I love routine (I know, you’re not surprised). But sometimes, and forgive this obvious observation…it gets old. At our house, we wake up, get ready for the day, make lunches, distract baby O so he won’t put his hands in toilet bowl water (it’s lots of excitement at our house), and J and I also give a quick kiss and “I love you” before we walk out the door (an essential routine in our marriage that I don’t ever expect to change). When we come home from work, it is get dinner on the table, clean up (sweeping the floor under O’s chair every night is required), a little bit of family time, then baby’s bedtime. Sometimes I get frustrated by the same schedule every day, but other days, I feel like God flicks me on the ear and points out how good we’ve got it: to see what new thing baby O can do (right now he’s becoming a stronger walker), and to look at my husband and remember why I married him six years ago (because he makes me a better person and I feel so happy when I’m with him. And he’s smokin’ hot).

Sometimes I get so caught up in my Martha-ness routine and get-stuff-done mode, but God knows what I need and always has a way of reminding me to not miss this time with my boys. So I stop myself and watch my little boy put the block in the bin again (putting small objects into bowls, buckets, etc. and then pulling them out again is pure entertainment for him). And I watch J cheer baby O on when the applesauce spoon is facing up and at least some of the food gets in his mouth, but mostly ends up on his nose, chin, and bib. Or, we watch a complete meltdown (see said meltdown in photo). And I smile at the little things that could get lost in the mundane routine.

I also feel a blessing mixed with a curse, with an overwhelming sense of my eternity. We won’t be on this earth forever, and I don’t know my last day or the last day of those I love, so I need to stop wasting it away! Now, I am still going to clean the kitchen floor tonight, y’all (it’s truly disgusting). But maybe I could just sweep it after O goes to bed, and leave the mopping for another time.

What are some great observations you have made when you take a moment to recognize the little blessings happening in current time around you?

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