My Late Election Reaction

Y’all. The past two weeks have been wild. And I’m definitely not praying about it like I should be. I’m reading blogs and news articles in shock with opinions from all different directions.

The reaction to president-elect Donald Trump has been mixed as I scroll my social media feeds. I voted for Hillary Clinton, but I wasn’t necessarily a supporter: I was definitely one of those “lesser of two evils” voters.

img_1235I did wake up with fear on Wednesday morning after I learned Trump won. I feared a little for myself, but mostly I feared for non-whites, LGBT, non-Christians, and the list goes on. Because I have friends, co-workers, and former students that I personally know in every “minority” category. But I also recognize that I have white privilege, and therefore, while I am fearful of the negative culture Trump has now determined “ok,” I know my fear doesn’t compare to those who may be seriously affected as a result of his rhetoric.

These weeks have been a process of taking in the reactions of the world and sorting out my own feelings for myself. I’ve read liberal bloggers shake their heads in disbelief as to what America has deemed “acceptable,” and tried to understand the point of view from conservative bloggers. Two helpful conservative articles on that front include:

An Open Letter to Democrats, from a Millennial Republican – Micaela Meadows

I love this line: Identifying as a Republican does not mean I am the same as Donald Trump.

Open Letter to All the Whiny Safe Space Liberals Crying over our ‘Racist’ and ‘Sexist’ Country – Hannah Bleau

Even though this post has some serious anger issues, I appreciate Hannah’s ability to say (in a not so P.C. kind of way) the same as Micaela: just because Trump makes racist/sexist/homophobic/Islamophobic/etc. comments, does not mean she is those things. There were certain issues that were really important to her. And that deserves to be validated.

And while I appreciate the positive dialogue some are processing and sharing, others are headed down a negative path. One conservative posted photos of Democrats looking sad with one-word commentary: “Priceless.” And I absolutely support protesting, but this AJ+ video (a liberal media outlet) seems to encourage violence and extreme reaction. Everything Democrats appeared to work for, like openness to all, appears to be completely forgotten.

So what I do with all this information flying at me? How do I absorb it? And, honestly, how I do not despair with the division among people seen in their angry comments online?

First, I’m choosing to move forward. The votes are in. Donald Trump will be our next president. And I’m going to accept that and wish him the best. He needs all the hope and prayers he can get. Anyone would. That has got to be the toughest job on earth. So I ask you to pray with me.

Second, I’ve been encouraged by several social media posts that guided me to not put all my hopes and fears in a single president. Rather, recognize that God is almighty King of all. At first, that seemed a little hokey and denial of reality. But then I realized this is absolutely the response God calls of us. Earthly leaders will come and go, but the way we treat others is a legacy Christians leave with so many. And I hope those of us that believe God is bigger than an election will keep Him at the center of our thoughts and interactions as we usher in a new era: a Trump presidency.

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