Is an Illness God Talking to Me?

“Attitude changes everything.” “Happiness is a choice.”

I’ve heard these before and I know them to be true. You can choose to be a crank, or not. Your own mind is pretty powerful.

Look at this poor sweet sick thing.

I revisited this concept this week while reading an article asking me to identify one challenge I’ve recently been faced with. And the first thing that came to mind was: illness.

My boys are both at home sick today (do you see that sad pic of lil O? Melt my heart when my guys feel cruddy…). And I’ve just come off of what appeared to be three weeks of allergies. I was majorly low energy, especially when it came to playing with Lil O in the evenings. And that just sucks.

Then I was asked to identify why my challenge is an opportunity. Well, the first thing that came to mind was: you choose your attitude. So this could be an opportunity for me to choose a better attitude? I was kind of lost on how to make illness an opportunity. So I Googled it (‘cause that’s what Millennials do when they need to find an answer). I found 5 Tips to Turn Illness into Wellness. Hmm…intriguing…the post was mostly a bit hokey for my taste, but the first tip caught my attention:

Slow Down and Relax

Ha! Who has time for that?

“You,” I almost hear God in his deep, Godly voice say to my heart.

Well, crap. I am not good at sitting and relaxing. I always want to be busy. But maybe I was sick for three weeks (and get sick often) because I don’t get extra sleep, don’t drink enough fluids, and don’t generally take a break.

Or…maybe I’m just a little sickling. It’s probably the latter. But, still, It doesn’t mean the first suggestions weren’t a good idea.

Touche, God. I hear ya clucking. Us busy people need to relax. And not feel guilty or restless about it. (I mean, I will feel that way. It’s inevitable.) But maybe I can feel less guilty and restless because I’ve given myself permission to take a break.

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