Real parties come when you’re 7.

Lil O is turning two in September. And I gotta tell ya: I’m a disappointing party planner. (J says because I’m a fun hater.) I just don’t get jazzed up by the party themes on Pinterest, like other women I know. I don’t have time. I am not that crafty (I want to be…oh how I wish I were, though!). And I don’t like to spend money on party supplies. All this is slightly surprising considering I was usually the weekend event planner for my friend group in high school. (To be fair, that usually ended in deciding whose house would be the movie-watching location that evening, so…not a lot of work needed. Just an organizer – which I’m really good at.) 

Owen 1st bday

Lil Man’s 1st birthday – 2015

So…O may just be disappointed.

Or not.

I started to think about my earliest birthday party memories. And Disney movies came to mind.

Beauty & the Beast par-tay

The first big party with friends I remember involved a Beauty & the Beast theme. My mom put together an incredible scavenger hunt, there were crayons in the shape of movie characters, it was…just beautiful. At least, for an elementary schoolgirl. Plus there was ice cream cake. The movie was released in November 1991, which means I was probably turning 7 years old. (And obviously into Troll dolls, as seen in my 90s-typical tie-dye character shirt.)

And the next year? My mom did not disappoint. Aladdin came out November 1992. I remember incredible treat bags and cake toppers with Aladdin and Jasmine – that I also remember keeping for an embarrassing amount of time (and by embarrassing, I might mean I threw them away a few years ago…).

But these two events also redeemed what I originally believed: my kid won’t remember birthday parties ‘til he’s 7. That means I’ve got 5 more years of easy living. And it doesn’t make me a bad mom. So I’m not feeling guilty about it.

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