Are You Happy?

My dad asks me this ALL.THE.TIME. And I never know what to say, because, like, I think I am. But I’m so freaking tired. And there’s laundry. And I need to resolve a conflict at work. And other crappity crap. But I’m still reading “Can’t Not Do” by Paul Shoemaker. And he shared the story of a change maker, named Lisa. And she has an AWESOME answer to this question that I think should have a quick and simple answer. But it’s never that simple…

“People ask her now, ‘Are you happy?’ (in doing your work that changes other people’s lives)

“Lisa says, ‘I have to think for a moment because for me it’s not about doing this to be happy. I completely believe in what I’m doing and who I am and that to me is far more fulfilling than ‘are you happy?’ I’m not unhappy at all. It’s the bigger sense of purpose where you just know.‘“

This. All of this. Note the keyword: purpose.

And I know God’s trying to talk to me about this topic because I came across the phrase in my church Bible study, “Seamless” by Angie Smith

The key to happiness is being content with who God made you to be.

HELLO! Isn’t this every person’s struggle? Especially women. We’re always comparing. And wanting to be something more (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as you have boundaries). But then I wondered: how do I reflect on who God has made me to be?

And naturally, I found three questions (I honestly don’t know where I originally saw these. I wrote them down a long time ago and they “resurfaced” this week…ok, God, you’re talking to me, I hear ya)

  • What was the last enthusiastic thing you’ve done?

It was our 6 year wedding anniversary on Monday. And we got Friday night without Lil O (he’s stayed overnight with Grandma, his #1 favorite person. Seriously, he picks her over me all the time. Which should probably hurt my feelings more, but…I like the break.). So this meant J and I had to talk. Great. Remember how well this went last time? (I’m seeing a common theme, over and over again.) But we did pretty well and ended up in pajamas on the couch at home watching a Redbox movie. And I drank wine. So while enthusiastic may mean something thrilling to you, just veggie out in my new enthusiastic go-to, because I need to be energized.

  • How did you grow today?

Yikes. Hard question. (5 minutes passes) Ok, so I’m trying hard to think of how I’ve grown spiritually today. But I just haven’t. But I’ve grown in my knowledge today through articles I’ve read for my “real” job. And I love learning. So I don’t have to try to grow in a formal spiritual way everyday. I think I need to be better about recognizing God in my everyday – and that those articles can involve my growth as a whole person.

  • How did you let God use you today?

Oh, this is easy. I made an invitation to someone. Something simple, but I don’t do enough. And I hope it made them feel noticed.

I’ve recently recognized my daily purpose is to keep God at the forefront of my thoughts and actions, and trust that He’ll guide me onto other purposes. But I just suck at doing this. I mean, I wish I could remember to pray. And keep priorities in check (i.e., happy family over…everything else). But maybe I can instead focus on finding enjoyment, in an effort to have purpose – and be content with who God made me to be. So when I next get asked, “Are you happy?”…I’ll ask myself, “Are you living your purpose?”

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