What’s Your Thing?

Y’all. I am reading a good book right now. I’m only on page 40 and have already made this conclusion.

Paul Shoemaker’s “Can’t Not Do” focuses on finding the social issue that shakes you so hard to your core that there’s no way you couldn’t not take action to work toward providing a remedy to that problem. Mr. Shoemaker’s job at his non-profit is to help others realize their greatest potential to make change. (I know what you’re thinking: PUH-LEAZE, Kristin. No self-help books. Don’t be that person. I’m not! This isn’t a self-help book. It’s an empowerment book. There’s a difference. A real important distinction that I think should get you fired up.) And while it’s difficult to get others fully jazzed with just a few paragraphs about this topic, I hope it will at least catch your interest to check out this book from your local library. (I love the library, y’all. My part-time high school job was to shelve books at my town’s library. I wouldn’t say I loved it, but I definitely didn’t mind it.)

So what caught my eye so far, considering I’m only one page 40?

“Be intentional about how and where you spend the ‘change the world’ time in your life. Commit to that one thing where you have more optimism, more boldness, and begin to address it, because there is genius, power, and magic in it.”Kristin professional

This led me to wonder what my “thing” is. I’ve volunteered with a variety of organizations: Girl Scouts, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and I work at a non-profit that encourages and helps students onto college. I have really enjoyed the work, but I can’t say that any of it has been my over-the-moon I-must-focus-all-intentional-energy-on-this-as-often-as-possible “thing.” And that’s not bad. I’ve made impact in those groups and I really believe in what they’re doing – and lost sleep some nights with big ideas for all of them. But am I missing out on the one “thing” that could be my larger purpose? Obviously, as a Christian, God calls me to live for Him – that is the purpose for all believers. But I think we all live for Him differently, and we need to find that niche.

I can’t wait to read more as I hope Mr. Shoemaker guides me through this process to understand my “thing.” Is it something in education? With children? Women? Financial Responsibility? (I wish! I love learning about this, but I’ve got a LONG ways to go in my understanding.) Married couples? (Probably not, if I can’t even find commonalities with my hubs.) Faith-based?

What might be your Thing? I need some more ideas. ‘Cause I’m only on page 40. And I like to skip ahead.

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