The Shortcuts I’m Not Taking Anymore – and You Shouldn’t Either

I had a revelation over the course of several encounters this week, all related to a “me first” mentality. I want to be at the front of the line; I hate waiting. I want to win; no one likes losing. But it suddenly hit me while I was trying to find an up-close spot in the grocery store parking lot, and watched a mom carry her toddler from the back of the parking lot into the store – simply because there was no closer spot for her to park. I immediately thought, “I’ve got legs. I can totally walk from the back.” So I did. And now I try to. Because there’s enough “me first” mentality in ads (cue my desire for a tablet) and especially among youth in my job, at church, and in public. (And I love teenagers. I always give them the benefit of the doubt. But the hard truth is: they want to be first.)

I’m not saying giving up “me first” shortcuts will be easy. Some won’t be a big deal. But others, oh, I’ll have to grind my teeth and do a little Pharrell “Happy” singing under my breath.

Actions that will be easier:

  • Parking far from the storefront (except for times when I gotta haul lil O in with me. That child is getting heavy!)
  • Not calling the radio station when they have a contest to win tickets (I don’t like being that close to others and I’m kind of a grump about loud noises.) or a $20 gift certificate to a tanning bed (I don’t tan; it causes skin cancer. I’ll stick to my Irish-albino hide.)
  • This is a bit unrelated but reminds me of a similar resolution I’m making: Send a restaurant gift card to a friend who just had a baby. Because I have tried that whole “make a meal and take it to them” business. It stresses me out because I barely have enough time to make my own family’s meals. And then I mess up their meal. IMG_2146So I’m simply buying a gift card and dropping in it the mail, y’all.
  • Putting my lil man first. B/c this kid looks at me and I melt. (P.S. He also intentionally kissed me for the first time this week! Open mouthed, like a dog. It was wet – and precious.)

Actions I’ll Need to Work Hard to Change:

  • Choosing the long line in rush hour instead of using my mad driving skills to maneuver around everyone else (for real, I am good at driving around everyone else. And dangerous. Super dangerous. I drive a green SUV. You’ve been warned, Lincoln.)
  • Talking a “big game” about how I’m going to win every contest EVER in a sarcastic tone. Sarcasm and cockiness really doesn’t make you look like a follower of Jesus. He just wasn’t a sarcastic guy. And I’ve got a LONG way to go in this area.

What other ideas do you have to get rid of this “me first” mindset and serve others?

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