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The Embarrassing Moments I Need to Stop Having

I was at a middle school this week doing my typical work thing (what? You don’t believe I rap that in front of 8th graders?). But when I got to my car, my arm brushed my waist and I realized a horrible, horrible thing: my pant belt had been unbuckled since I used the restroom BEFORE that presentation. Cue a red face and an expletive come out of my mouth (ok, not really, but I thought it). I rationalized that the counselor in the room would have said something to me since she was facing me the whole time, so I sat in relief that my dress shirt was just long enough to cover the fact that my belt was hanging loose the whole time.

But I find that I have these moments more and more often – that, or now I’m documenting them on Facebook, so I get those pop-ups: “Remember one year ago when you posted this hilariously awful thing that happened to you?” I don’t know why I’m voluntarily sharing my embarrassing moments, but for some reason, I feel so close to all you readers. So here you go…the embarrassing moments I need to stop having – that Facebook keeps reminding me of.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 3.00.48 PM

For real, this happened AT Christmas dinner. With everyone. Could you tell I was a starving, nursing mama?

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 3.00.16 PM

OMG – I remember this so well. We were SO tired. And I laughed uncontrollably ON THE FLOOR for at least 30 seconds.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 2.46.03 PM

This story is epic. Just absolutely epic.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 2.42.42 PM

I’m actually surprised this one hasn’t happened again. (knocks on wood)

Please add your moments in the comments section so I can feel better about mine.


The Shortcuts I’m Not Taking Anymore – and You Shouldn’t Either

I had a revelation over the course of several encounters this week, all related to a “me first” mentality. I want to be at the front of the line; I hate waiting. I want to win; no one likes losing. But it suddenly hit me while I was trying to find an up-close spot in the grocery store parking lot, and watched a mom carry her toddler from the back of the parking lot into the store – simply because there was no closer spot for her to park. I immediately thought, “I’ve got legs. I can totally walk from the back.” So I did. And now I try to. Because there’s enough “me first” mentality in ads (cue my desire for a tablet) and especially among youth in my job, at church, and in public. (And I love teenagers. I always give them the benefit of the doubt. But the hard truth is: they want to be first.)

I’m not saying giving up “me first” shortcuts will be easy. Some won’t be a big deal. But others, oh, I’ll have to grind my teeth and do a little Pharrell “Happy” singing under my breath.

Actions that will be easier:

  • Parking far from the storefront (except for times when I gotta haul lil O in with me. That child is getting heavy!)
  • Not calling the radio station when they have a contest to win tickets (I don’t like being that close to others and I’m kind of a grump about loud noises.) or a $20 gift certificate to a tanning bed (I don’t tan; it causes skin cancer. I’ll stick to my Irish-albino hide.)
  • This is a bit unrelated but reminds me of a similar resolution I’m making: Send a restaurant gift card to a friend who just had a baby. Because I have tried that whole “make a meal and take it to them” business. It stresses me out because I barely have enough time to make my own family’s meals. And then I mess up their meal. IMG_2146So I’m simply buying a gift card and dropping in it the mail, y’all.
  • Putting my lil man first. B/c this kid looks at me and I melt. (P.S. He also intentionally kissed me for the first time this week! Open mouthed, like a dog. It was wet – and precious.)

Actions I’ll Need to Work Hard to Change:

  • Choosing the long line in rush hour instead of using my mad driving skills to maneuver around everyone else (for real, I am good at driving around everyone else. And dangerous. Super dangerous. I drive a green SUV. You’ve been warned, Lincoln.)
  • Talking a “big game” about how I’m going to win every contest EVER in a sarcastic tone. Sarcasm and cockiness really doesn’t make you look like a follower of Jesus. He just wasn’t a sarcastic guy. And I’ve got a LONG way to go in this area.

What other ideas do you have to get rid of this “me first” mindset and serve others?

A Martha Perspective

As many of you know, I started this blog to guide me as I journey in choosing to live over completing the to-do list, or at least finding a healthier balance. My ever-supportive husband sent me Our Daily Bread’s daily devotional today, with the following note added to the end of the message:CaptureOh what a good day to be reminded of Martha’s HUGE faith! So many days I feel like I’m not “keeping up” on my end of the bargain in my relationship with God because I struggle to read my Bible and pray. But I believe He will do big things in my life and others. And this played out in my life this week.

Lil O is leaving his current infant-only daycare at the end of May, and we have had our name on waiting lists at three different centers since last fall. But it’s starting to get real close and no centers have called us. So after me leaving (desperate sounding) messages with these centers this week, I started on the in-home search. We visited two places: one that could work (if we’re out of options) and another that we liked – minus the fact O would have to ride in the provider’s van twice a day three times a week to drop her little one off at half-day preschool. Ugh. J and I talked about that option on the front step of our house that night. We knew other families were looking at her in-home and the spots would likely be full very soon. Should we take it, or wait? I wasn’t 100% on-board and told him we needed to wait. I felt better about the centers and that we should wait on God’s timing, not ours. Any which way it goes, He’ll take care of us.

Then I got risky enough to start looking at people who posted open daycare spots on Craigslist. (Hey – it’s not all bad. I found great roommates on there when I was 26, and have purchased several things for the kid. Just meet in a public parking lot, y’all. It’s safe. Pretty much.) But daycare on Craigslist? I know, rough. There’s a fine line between letting God take care of things, and Him placing good options on Craigslist for you to visit. He doesn’t just drop names and phone numbers on your lap from heaven. My dad would be proud to know I’m quoting him, “God helps those who help themselves!” (And something I only half believe in.)

But as I was going to pick up lil man from daycare on Wednesday, I got a call from my #1 child care center pick – a faith-based place. We got in! Starting the beginning of June (cue happy dance in the driveway)! I told the Director that this really was an answer from God as we were waiting on His timing. And she told me how happy that made her because she was dreading making some calls to families that she didn’t have spots for. I felt immediate relief and the presence of God near our family as He took care of our lil O.

Most days I feel like I’m lacking faith, but these big little moments remind me just how present God is and how much I can – and do – trust Him. After reading the devotional J sent me, we had a quick texting exchange:








And I feel proud to be a Martha today.