Snow Day Survival

6:06 AM

Text: We’ve decided to close the office. Enjoy your snow day!

As a former teacher and student, the excitement I felt was almost too much to contain! Until I fell asleep a few minutes later.

It was going to be a great day. But I tried to curb my expectations. My boys were home with me which meant we’d have to do meals and snacks. And Baby O was suffering from a cold and ear infection, so his tolerance for anything was worse than normal.

The wind and snow kept up until late morning. But suddenly the sun appeared at 11am, and we witnessed the neighborhood come back to life. Teens built a snowman (and a very impressive snow military tank) and had a snowball fight. Kids of all ages were sledding down the hill behind our yard. And everyone was out scooping. Owen had a front row seat to all the action from our front bay windows, and giggled through it all.

It was on this same day that my child discovered rice krispie treats, and I discovered a new bargaining chip. And by nap time? That little boy’s parents were spent. We really, really wanted to take a nap. But it was uninterrupted time we hadn’t had a while. And we had things to do: baby O is becoming a toddler who needs a bigger car seat (PTL for shopping online at Amazon), and we had to pick out a new color for house siding (yes! siding is FINALLY happening on our house).

By 7pm, our patience on this snow day had waned. J offered to take little man up for his bath and in the course of a short 15 minutes I heard:

“I wouldn’t if I was you.”

“I already told you no. I’ll put you in time out naked. I don’t care.”

…which lead to uncontrollable laughter from me and a much-needed smile on my husband’s face. And a great end to our snow day. We got a lot done and we spent time with our little guy. I think I both Martha-d and Mary-d that. (Yes!!)

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