My Best Friday Night

Every Monday people ask, “How was your weekend?” Usually it’s some collection of seeing friends or family and maybe a mini adventure. But this week? Oh, my answer was much, much better. I felt refreshed. I felt purposeful. I had my best Friday night.

My husband and I just spent our first night away from the kid. Since he’s been born. Wow-za. I was never a fan of paying for a room in the town I live in, but I felt so much better being close to Baby O if he needed me. (He was staying with his Grandma. He could have cared less if I was on the moon.) But consider me over-the-top impressed with Roger’s House. We stayed in the Banker’s Suite, complete with jetted tub, wood-burning fireplace, and two-course in-room breakfast.


New Year’s Eve 2010

The hubs picked me up from work with a small bouquet of flowers. We had dinner at a wonderful restaurant (if in Lincoln, you must try Green Gateau). I had a glass of wine; he had a moscow mule. Wine would have made me a happy lady for the evening (well, now you know how easily I can be entertained), but the bed & breakfast we stayed at took my night over the top.

After a quick soak in the jacuzzi, we moved to the couch in front of the fireplace. But what does a couple, married five years with a baby, discuss once they have all this time to talk? We had nothing. So I turned to Pinterest! 50 Questions to Ask Your Spouse on a Date Night. Yes, some questions were totally lame. But most were thought-provoking, and we took turns picking the questions. J asked about my spiritual gifts. The first gift that came to mind was my genuinity, or honesty. I consider myself an open book when it comes to sharing things of importance to me. But the brain stopped there (I had had a very strong glass of wine…and I’m a lightweight). So he piped up, going off my own answer, to describe how brave I am in sharing my faith with others. That’s right – I’m a big ol’ evangelist, y’all!  😉  He also cited my discipline and self-control to stick with something once I decide I’m “in” (right now, it’s Yoga Camp – yes, yoga every day, and I’ve only missed three days since December 30th!). He also said I have a great desire to learn and grow.

Jan 07 pic

Senior year of college – January ’07. J is obviously livin’ the thug life?

After a conversation like that, how do I NOT fall in love all over again with this man? After an hour of conversation, it was 9:30pm and we were exhausted (yes, one of those long weeks). So we went to sleep with a wood-burning fire just starting to die in the same room. Asleep before 10pm. Dinner and wine. And an encouraging, life-breathing conversation with my partner. I couldn’t have planned it any better. It was my best Friday night.

So what will you do this Friday night? Reconnect with your spouse over a few questions? Have dinner with a friend you haven’t seen in years? Choose something that will refresh you or remind you of your purpose – and make it your best night.

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