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My Best Friday Night

Every Monday people ask, “How was your weekend?” Usually it’s some collection of seeing friends or family and maybe a mini adventure. But this week? Oh, my answer was much, much better. I felt refreshed. I felt purposeful. I had my best Friday night.

My husband and I just spent our first night away from the kid. Since he’s been born. Wow-za. I was never a fan of paying for a room in the town I live in, but I felt so much better being close to Baby O if he needed me. (He was staying with his Grandma. He could have cared less if I was on the moon.) But consider me over-the-top impressed with Roger’s House. We stayed in the Banker’s Suite, complete with jetted tub, wood-burning fireplace, and two-course in-room breakfast.


New Year’s Eve 2010

The hubs picked me up from work with a small bouquet of flowers. We had dinner at a wonderful restaurant (if in Lincoln, you must try Green Gateau). I had a glass of wine; he had a moscow mule. Wine would have made me a happy lady for the evening (well, now you know how easily I can be entertained), but the bed & breakfast we stayed at took my night over the top.

After a quick soak in the jacuzzi, we moved to the couch in front of the fireplace. But what does a couple, married five years with a baby, discuss once they have all this time to talk? We had nothing. So I turned to Pinterest! 50 Questions to Ask Your Spouse on a Date Night. Yes, some questions were totally lame. But most were thought-provoking, and we took turns picking the questions. J asked about my spiritual gifts. The first gift that came to mind was my genuinity, or honesty. I consider myself an open book when it comes to sharing things of importance to me. But the brain stopped there (I had had a very strong glass of wine…and I’m a lightweight). So he piped up, going off my own answer, to describe how brave I am in sharing my faith with others. That’s right – I’m a big ol’ evangelist, y’all!  😉  He also cited my discipline and self-control to stick with something once I decide I’m “in” (right now, it’s Yoga Camp – yes, yoga every day, and I’ve only missed three days since December 30th!). He also said I have a great desire to learn and grow.

Jan 07 pic

Senior year of college – January ’07. J is obviously livin’ the thug life?

After a conversation like that, how do I NOT fall in love all over again with this man? After an hour of conversation, it was 9:30pm and we were exhausted (yes, one of those long weeks). So we went to sleep with a wood-burning fire just starting to die in the same room. Asleep before 10pm. Dinner and wine. And an encouraging, life-breathing conversation with my partner. I couldn’t have planned it any better. It was my best Friday night.

So what will you do this Friday night? Reconnect with your spouse over a few questions? Have dinner with a friend you haven’t seen in years? Choose something that will refresh you or remind you of your purpose – and make it your best night.

Want to get away?

Living in the country has never been a dream of mine. I don’t know what movie must have ruined me, but I have this irrational fear that some murderer is going to bust through my front door and no one will hear my screams because my neighbor lives a mile away. (Sorry to my sticks-dwelling readers…uh, sweet dreams tonight?) But J? He’d move outside the city in a heartbeat.  He’s getting real country. Most days I like it, and other days he gets redneck-like (dislike). Why is this pertinent? I saw a clip for this couple living a very simplistic existence and I immediately wanted it. It’s a fire lookout – in the middle of nowhere. (Watch the video – it’s cool!)

The fire lookout appealed because some days I’m tired of the hustle and bustle of city living! And J is really into things “from the land,” which really only results in deer meat in the freezer each winter and a garden in the summer that produces a few long-term items like jam and pasta sauce. And (in the video) did you see the pie that guy was making from scratch? I should be doing that!

As I dwelled on it further, I realized the number of barriers to overcome. Like a crap ton of money just to build a fire lookout, or get an old one up to current day living standards. And I’d have to find a job where I could work remotely because we don’t have said “crap ton of money” to just live. And I like the convenience of Hy-Vee a few blocks away. (Especially when any number of my garden crops inevitably cave due to my lack of care for them. And can you imagine ME raising and killing chickens?) I want Baby O to have other kids in the neighborhood to play with (and to leave me alone for 20 minutes).

Plus I’ve always known I wouldn’t be a good pioneer. I would be the first to die of cholera (yes, you can still play this ’90s computer game!). But I don’t mean, “She died of cholera? Oh well. Now let’s ford this river and go shoot some squirrels for meat!” I have the weakest immune system of any “healthy” adult I know. I get sinus infections whenever I think about how I feel well. I mean, I would have literally been the first person to die of something in our group traveling west in 1850. Like 30 miles outside Independence, Missouri. You may as well have just left me in town. Because it’s 1850. I’m gonna die of something sooner rather than later anyway. So living in a fire lookout miles and miles away from a doctor? I would need my own prescription stash.

So…maybe just trying it out for a short vacation is better (yes, I already researched it). I’m sure it would be peaceful and provide some perspective in my too-busy life. But now I’m feeling a bit hesitant to even do that because you have to pack in your own water. (They don’t have running water?! How am I going to shower!? This Girl Scout is not feeling camp-y.) Maybe we’ll go for a short visit. Because if I tell my Discovery Channel “Alaska” fan of a husband I want to move there, he’ll ask me if we’re going today or tomorrow.

Any recommendations for places to get away from this too-busy city life?