The Christmas Tradition I’m Breaking

This week we’ve received a handful of Christmas cards in the mail from friends and family. And each time I open one, I think to myself, “Nice work having your life together. I am so not there.” And then I laugh because sending a card is really NOT that big of a deal!

I’ve been an enemy of the yearly Christmas card for as long as I can remember. I watched my mom put so much time and energy into signing a bazillion cards with our names. And the years when she included a letter? Double the work and agony! It seeCapturemed silly to put all this time and effort into sending a seasonal note – many to our family and friends Capture2living in the same town, when we all saw one another often or were going to spend the holiday together! J and I have done Christmas cards, but he leads the effort – and I grudgingly oblige the time and funds to make one of those cutesy post cards featuring a photo. Case in point: two Christmas cards have been sent in the five married Christmases we’ve had.

So this year for Christmas, I’m focusing on enjoying my family. Watching Baby O figure out how to tear paper to open his gifts. Seeing my younger siblings play with him. Hearing the squeals of him and his two little cousins as they play at Grandpa & Grandma’s house. And taking lots of photos and videos to remember it all. That’s what I’m most looking forward to. And the food. (duh!)

I have no opposition to you all continuing to send us stories & photos of your lives. But don’t expect a Christmas card from our family. We love you all the same! It’s just…


We hope you understand.

What’s a Christmas tradition that’s overwhelming your life? Too many gifts to buy and wrap? A huge homemade meal to plan? What support do you need to take action on cutting down or cutting out this stressor in your life?

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