I just Martha-d that.

Itʼs a miracle – and just in time for Christmas. I have successfully electronically organized and named all my photos – and backed them up online. Say what!?! In honor of this joyous occasion, Iʼm here to declare a couple new phrases:

Martha-d: the state of killinʼ it by getting some ginormous project done that has been hanging over your head for a ridiculous time period

Maryʼd: the state of killinʼ it by resting, relaxing, and spending time taking care of your own well-being – and not feeling guilt over it

Not that Iʼm competitive or keeping score…but here are some ways I both Martha-d and Mary-d it this week. (I’ll let you guess which action is inspired by which sister.)

J and Wow new bike (1)I bought nearly all our Christmas gifts – online – in two hours. And shipped free to our house next week. While baby O won’t be getting a new bike, I do hope some other gifts we have will be as exciting as my face from a former Christmas. (And why don’t I still have that troll tie-dye sweatshirt?!)

I beat J and his parents in Scrabble. But mostly J, by like a 50 point margin. (Ok, that’s not really Martha-d or Mary-d, but I had to brag to someone and remind J of my awesomeness.)

We had a woIMG_1918od-burning fire going in the fireplace nearly all day Friday and Sunday – that we ran out of wood in the box and refilled it with more from the backyard rack. (Oh! A Mary AND Martha accomplishment! Double win!)


pic 2

J and I went out on two lunch dates within one week! And we prayed before eating at both. It makes me really miss us praying together. We need to prioritize that! (Insert new Martha task to find a way to include it our daily life.)


My parents helped us power wash/clean our shower doors, and J recaulked the shower. (Ok, so he Martha’d it there, but I feel like it was a win for me too. Yea for using our own master bath shower again!)

I pic 1went out to a birthday breakfast with my boys and had a great time letting Baby O try crepes, I got to drink hot chai, and J had at least three different breakfast pastries (aka this man’s expectation of breakfast of heaven).


Whatʼd you “Martha” or “Mary” today?

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