My Growth Bookshelf

  I was inspired by Dr. Tim Elmore (of Growing Leaders) a couple years ago to create a “Growth Bookshelf.” This is either a list or literal bookshelf of all the books I have read that have caused me to grow as a person. In an effort to keep this short, I will share the list I started on the Personal Growth part of my bookshelf, in no particular order:

See earlier post about the impact of this book bringing my understanding of grace to a new level. You will feel a lot of love when you read this.

This woman embarks on a journey to write down things she is thankful for everyday. It really brings perspective to our cluttered, always-wanting-something-more world.

How do you meet others’ needs, and understand how yours are best met? Get to know your love language! It has helped my husband and I a bit (we should focus on it more, to be honest). I love when he writes me kind, loving notes and helps with chores. And my guy’s a total “touch” persona.

My top five strengths are: discipline, learner, achiever, responsibility, and focus. (And if you were unsure I had any issues with being a “Martha,” I think those five descriptive words should lay any of those worries to rest.)

I spend time with teens in my job and at church. And I love learning about how best to connect with them. This book has brought perspective about how I can best engage with young people – or many people, to be honest.

This is an old book (written in 1936!) so I love it first for the language style. You are instantly transformed back in time to an age with incredible manners and innocent vocabulary that will make you smile.But I mostly like it for it instruction on how to do exactly what the title says: influence others and gain friends. It is geared towards sales, and we all have a desire to share and persuade. It’s helped me both personally and professionally.

What is important to your husband and how can you be his biggest advocate? Stormie is a great guide to helping me be a prayer warrior for J.

Lord, thank you for the wisdom of the writers of my Growth Bookshelf. I love that I connect with you through the words of others. Help continually remind me of this knowledge and give me encouragement to apply it as often as possible.

What’s on your Growth Bookshelf?

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