When I was in the fifth grade, I prepared for my Catholic Holy Communion. I had to study a huge list of questions about the Catholic faith. It was overwhelming and I so did not get it. Especially the definition of grace: it was just a bunch of words I didn’t understand (vocabulary has never been my strong suit). In high school, I started attending a Baptist church in my community and the idea of having a personal relationship with Jesus because of the grace he offered became a bit more clearer to me. But nothing would prepare me for a game-changing book I read a couple years ago: Francine Rivers “Redeeming Love.” Ms. Rivers bases this fictional novel off the story of Hosea and Gomer (which, by the way, worst female name EVER. No wonder that girl had issues.) from the book of Hosea in the Bible. Gomer is forced into prostitution but after years and years, rescued by a Godly man who desires to marry her. She refuses – several times – and is eventually married to him without her knowing (not in a deceitful way; in a way of survival). She runs from him many times feeling unworthy and uncomfortable in the situation. But Hosea keeps pursuing her and bringing her home.

I could not put this book down. I felt my husband in many of the phrases Hosea was saying, when J gives me grace – undeserved forgiveness. But it led me to a deeper understanding of the grace God gives me as well. If you haven’t given this book a spin, please do. It will give you an entirely different understanding of grace that you have never experienced before.

Lord, in our day to day, it is easy to forget the incredible sacrifice your Son gave for us – death on a cross. I pray I would not take today for granted and that I’d get outside my to-do list to pause, if only for a moment, and recognize the incredible life you have given me as a child of yours, meant for eternity in heaven.

When did you “get” grace? I’d love to hear your stories!

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