Yoga for the soul

Get ready for a lil controversy, my friends! A local bishop condemned yoga for Christians. I’m about to get my Warrior III pose out ‘cause I am angry, y’all!.

Yoga is one of the few things that can help me really relax! (First on the list is wine, followed closely by…a second glass of wine.) And it makes me feel better because I stretch out all the stress of the to-do list. Yoga helps me regain perspective of what I value in my day. (And I’m usually running a load of laundry when I’m working out, so I feel like I am at least making some progress.) So yoga helps me reconnect with what’s important in life, and that includes my relationship with God.

I don’t really want to put my extra time and cash into going to a yoga class (it’s real hard for me to find 1.5 hours to drive to and from yoga and attend a 50 minute class). But I am willing to spend 20-40 minutes on a Yoga YouTube video. There are some good ones out there that especially target my stress-holding areas, like my shoulders and back. Lately, I’ve been grooving Yoga with Adriene. She’s quirky, and I totally appreciate that she let’s her crazy out. 🙂 And she’s into “finding what feels good.” And less on some of the yoga that I’m not so into that focuses on more breathing, etc. I want a stretchy work-out, and I find the videos that give me that.

How do I get motivated to actually do this for myself? Well, for starters, I am just crazy self-motivated. And I totally get that most people are not like that (I’m looking at you, J). But lots of times, I just hit a breaking point. Like I am so sore that I know I’m gonna have to go spend a $50 co-pay at the chiropractor if I don’t get my butt on the floor and do some up and down dogs, and my fav: cat-cow. I really wish I could be more consistent in my practice, but that’s what it is right now.

So let out your mountain poses, side planks, eagles, cobras, and the killer for your legs and butt: chair pose. And if you don’t have energy to do much: just get out your corpse pose. We all need a break every once in a while anyhow.

Lord, thank you for bringing yoga in my life as a venue to relax and recognize you. Have your Holy Spirit in my ear often reminding me how good it is and how important it is – even when there is a ginormous list of things to do right now.

What do you do for a break to reconnect with what you value?

3 thoughts on “Yoga for the soul

  1. Emily

    I LOVED prenatal yoga! I think it is a major part of why I was able to have a natural childbirth experience, but i have not been able to find a relaxing class since. Maybe I will give the YouTube yoga a spin!


    1. kristinageton Post author

      I did a ton of prenatal yoga too. It is one of the top reasons I was able to have the strength and stamina to withstand labor too. I will pray that God reveals a perfect opp to meet your need, Em!


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