IMG_1546Today, my husband, J, told me about his many dreams: to live in a place with no neighbors where he could step out the back door and fish. He asked me about mine. And I had nothing. Then he asked me what I liked to do. And it’s like my brain went stagnant. (To be honest, they first thing I came up was “drink wine.” Ha!) I realized I always had the to-do list in my mind, causing my dreams to get pushed to the back and I couldn’t come up with them on the spot! I had very practical dreams: save enough money now to not be penniless and dependent on anyone else (my Republican father would be so proud) in retirement years. I started to feel depressed that this was all my dream was! But then J reminded me that it’s a great dream for our family! And he told me another dream: that Baby O would grow up to be a good man. Well, if that isn’t some perspective for a woman trying to come up with some adventurous dreams! Simplicity is so much more impactful.

So, Lord, today I pray for all of us with dreams. May we recognize our dreams don’t have to be some elaborate way of living, adventurous travels, or what have you. But may we enjoy a little time dreaming about the future and what you have in store for us – even if we don’t even know what it might be.

What are your dreams, y’all? And to add some practicality: are they far-fetched or are you doing actual things that can get you there?

P.S. This photo is of J and I celebrating 5 years of marriage. We enjoyed an evening talking about our past successes and dreaming of the future.

2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Natalie Roesler

    Love this post Kristen. I can understand your feeling of emptiness about dreams as this has happened to me recently too when evaluating “where we are headed”. I’m such a goal driven person and I’ve found myself a bit without drive lately. My husband Jake, like your husband J, reminded me to just live in the moment and not get tied up in defining what’s next. It’s kind of a weird feeling for me but it is allowing me to cherish the things I love – family time, gardening and cooking. Thanks for the honest post!


    1. kristinageton Post author

      I think so many of us women feel this way, Natalie. It’s great to hear others be honest in this same struggle. And praise the Lord for partners that help us see the reasons for living a beautiful life!



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