IMG_1353Once a month,  J and I get out all the receipts from items we’ve bought over the past month and check to be sure there are no “surprise” expenses in our online banking account transactions list. Today was such a day. And after we realized we paid Baby O’s birthing hospital bill IN FULL (hallelujah!), bought a new camera (fun! especially for taking video of Baby O), as well as a new dishwasher (not so fun; ours was leaking water and a new one was necessary and bought within 20 minutes of walking into Lowe’s), we got a little depressed. How are we ever supposed to get ahead when the major expenses take place? Then it hit me. We are so dang blessed! We have a healthy family, a comfortable home, all the food I could ever want (did I mention J made a brand new recipe: he roasted spaghetti squash, then mixed it with fresh veggies, feta, and spaghetti noodles for a crazy yummy dish!). How blessed am I that I can buy a new dishwasher when ours went ka-poot, or we have such great insurance that the hospital bill wasn’t the worst amount I can imagine that kid costing us (hello, college education in 18 years!). I have to stop being so negative when everything is clearly so good in my world.

Lord, thank you for taking care of us – that all our basic needs and beyond are met. Would you help my perspective to be more grateful? And to share that gratefulness with others, so they can see the something different in my life is my blessings that come from you.

How do you keep a perspective of gratefulness when it can be so easy to see all the things gone wrong?

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