Where’s the Beef?

kristinToday my husband showed me a blog he found on Facebook about a woman who went “postal” on her husband after he came home with the wrong kind of hamburger – 70/30 instead of her preferred 80/20. She yelled at him for not knowing what kind of meat she buys every week. And kept yelling about how he can’t do anything right – ever. Then she started to find out that he was hiding mistakes: his own socks in the trash, blue instead of white. She asked him why and he said he accidentally mixed colors in the wash and hid the mistake so he wouldn’t get yelled at. Wow. Talk about a mirror into the way I speak to my husband way too often.

When I get too involved with the list of projects to tackle, I get off course with what God desires in my life: to grow in relationship with others and Him. And worse, I hurt those people I am in relationship with. Jesus spent his time on earth meeting the needs of people. And He wants me to do the same!

Lord, it’s so hard when I hurt the people closest to me. Help me to be more Christlike by following Jesus’ example to put relationships over things.

Have you hurt a relationship by going “postal” over something that really didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things? What insights did you gain from the experience?

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