Bucket List


Have you made a bucket list? A list of things you want to accomplish before you die? I’m publishing mine (in progress – I add stuff to it often) and encourage you to do the same. This list totally speaks to my desire of accomplishing things on “the list,” but in a healthy long-term way. And they are fun things, in line with enjoying life (and not cleaning toilets). And I’m ok with just the list for now. I like considering what great adventures I have yet to experience. So here’s my always-in-progress bucket list! (And seriously, J, I hope you’re reading this post because the birthday/Christmas/anniversary gift ideas here are oozing).


  1. Author a blog – YES!! Success!
  2. Have someone say to me, “You’ve changed my life.”
  3. Author a yoga devotional
  4. Write letters to friends and family to read after I’ve passed, sharing their significance in my life
  5. Heal a broken relationship


  1. Play the piano well
  2. Tie a variety of knots on command (my inner Girl Scout is starting to shine)
  3. Be an expert in constellations – finding them in the night sky and knowing their stories
  4. Write and publish a song of a favorite Bible verse


  1. Country dance in a truck bed under a starry night in the dark country
  2. Play in the rain with my family
  3. Have a home dance party with my family (this will be easy once O can keep himself vertical)
  4. Plant a tree and watch it grow (our yard needs about a dozen trees, so I’m now taking cash contributions)
  5. Fly a kite with my family (again, grow up, O! But not too fast)
  6. Plan an over-the-top picnic celebration with friends and family, complete with yard games and the food recipes you see on Pinterest that are ridiculously cute but too time consuming for any human to accomplish in real life
  7. Go paragliding
  8. Fly in a hot air balloon


  1. Go on a romantic get-away with my husband (somewhere outside the US!)
  2. Go an an African safari
  3. Trek the Inca Trail in Peru
  4. Go ice skating in Central Park at Christmas (‘cause that’s what all the movies do)
  5. Lay on a beach overlooking the ocean – all day long (I’m in Nebraska, so this is a bit harder than it may be for some of you)

Lord, thank you for giving this life to live so many experiences. I pray I wouldn’t be overwhelmed by this list, but that I would feel unburdened by the many adventures I have yet to experience. Help make these experiences possible, and I pray I would recognize your presence alongside me when I’m enjoying them.

What’s on your list?

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